Ladies, Let’s Talk About Eliminating Unwanted Hair Permanently!

Whether you’re a brunette or a blonde, Asian or French, most women have to deal with unwanted hair. It’s not just the unsightly hair above the upper lip; women can have unwanted hair under the arms, chin, cheeks, legs, and back. Unwanted hair may also be exacerbated with stress, obesity, overactive hormones, and the use of medications such as steroids and oral contraceptives.

Palomar IPL Hair Reduction treatmentSure, there are numerous ways to get rid of the hair — from plucking to threading to waxing. However, those solutions are painful and only temporary. Before you know it you’re back getting waxed again! But you can say goodbye to those days with the Palomar IPL Hair Reduction treatment by Dr. Lavey at our Danville clinic.

How does the treatment work? The procedure involves beaming highly concentrated amounts of light in a controlled manner into the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair follicles will absorb the light damaging those follicles, halting hair growth.

Currently, the Paloma IPL hair reduction treatment is the only procedure that prevents hair from growing back. Your body hair’s growth cycle is not uniform; some hairs may be dormant while others may be “actively” growing. Because of this, multiple sessions of Paloma IPL hair removal may be needed to completely eliminate unwanted hair.

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