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Is Loss of Sensation Normal After Plastic Surgery?

No matter what cosmetic surgery you are considering, a temporary loss of sensation in areas affected by the surgery is normal. The more invasive the procedure, the longer the numbness will likely persist. What causes the sensation loss? Whenever an incision is made into the skin, it is more likely that the sensory nerves underneath […]

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Preventing Infection Following Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has certainly come a long way since the first recorded breast augmentation surgery in 1895. Surgical techniques have been refined, results are more natural looking, and recovery periods have been significantly reduced. Nevertheless, plastic surgery risks and complications still exist. At our practice, patient education on potential risks and complications is a priority. […]

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The Art of Asking During Personal Consultations in Plastic Surgery

When you’re considering plastic surgery, it pays to make a well-informed decision rather than a hastily made arrangement with your plastic surgeon. Doing so will ensure that desired outcomes and expectations of the surgery will be achieved. A well-thought-out decision involves thorough research on your end and personal consultations with several surgeons to figure out […]

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Are You Too Old or Too Young to Have Plastic Surgery?

People wonder if they’re too young or too old to have plastic surgery. Should a 17-year-old undergo breast augmentation? Can a 70-year old benefit from a facelift? There’s no definitive answer to these questions. Generally, there are several factors to carefully consider when talking about the appropriateness of age in plastic surgery. Emotional Maturity In […]

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Smoking and Plastic Surgery: A Dangerous Duo

The ill effects of smoking to your health are no secret. However, here at our practice, many first-time patients are quite surprised when we strongly advice quitting smoking at least 4 to 6 weeks before their plastic surgery schedule. Generally, they were not aware that smoking is an important factor that could potentially delay the healing […]

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Understanding the Causes of Skin Laxity

Youthful skin is often perceived as firm, taut, and smooth while flabby skin have always been associated with aging. Apart from the normal aging process, factors such as massive weight loss, pregnancy, frequent sun exposure, and genetics also play a role in the development of skin laxity. Although most people might consider accepting the fact […]

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5 Reasons to Schedule a Plastic Surgery Consultation Today

Aside from doing an extensive online search and asking friends and relatives about their plastic surgery experience, a plastic surgery consultation is also one of the best ways for you to come up with an informed plastic surgery decision. If you’ve been hesitating to schedule a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon for a while […]

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