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The Nose Knows

Some people have hated their nose for as long as they can remember. Fortunately for some they have learned to live and love some rather large proboscises — yeah, we’re talking to you Karl Malden and Jimmy Durante! But you don’t have to learn to love your nose. You can change it with nose surgery […]

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Rhinoplasty 101

Nose-enhancement surgery, rhinoplasty, traces its origins back to ancient India when the surgeon Sushruta reconstructed noses of criminals whose noses were mutilated for punishment. In the U.S., the first rhinoplasty was performed in 1887. Today, rhinoplasty is the fifth most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the country. The basics Nose surgery is a very delicate […]

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Dealing with Nasal Humps and Bumps

The eyes may be the windows to your soul but the nose has its own story to tell, too. For many, the nose is what they first notice on another person’s face. Ideally, your nose should subtly provide natural facial harmony and not distract from your eyes, lips, or cheeks. The appearance of nasal humps […]

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How Ready Are You For Rhinoplasty?

The eyes may be the windows to your soul but the nose should not be overlooked as it also plays a focal role in one’s facial appearance. A subtle change in its size or shape can already dramatically change an individual’s overall look. For many of our patients who have undergone rhinoplasty here at our Danville facial […]

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What to Expect During Your Rhinoplasty with Dr. Lavey

One of the most common concerns of men and women who visit us here at our Danville rhinoplasty practice is what exactly should they expect during the procedure. By and large, each rhinoplasty that Dr. Lavey performs varies from one patient to another, depending on their cosmetic goals and existing nasal structure. However, there are […]

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What If Your Child or Teen Wants Plastic Surgery?

Although plastic surgery is often perceived as something that is sought after if one wants to turn back the hands of time, we have noticed an increasing trend of children and teens who are also seeking cosmetic procedures here at our Bay Area plastic surgery practice. Is this a good thing? Or it it something […]

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