Lip Enhancement & Rejuvenation

Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgical Procedures


  • Fuller, smoother, more sensual lips
  • Enhancement of the ridges between the lips and the skin around the lips (the Cupid’s bow and white roll)
  • Enhancement of the ridges between the nose and the upper lip (the philtral columns)
  • Smoothing of upper and lower lip skin wrinkles (prevention of lipstick bleeding into these wrinkles)
  • Shortening of aged, elongated upper lip skin
  • Correction of down-turning of the corners of the mouth


  • Volume increases of the lips using injections of hyaluronic acid fillers (Perlane, Restylane, or Juvederm), fat injections, or dermal (lower layers of the skin) grafts
  • Enhancement of philtral columns, Cupid’s bow or white rolls using hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Reduction of the most severe vertical wrinkles around the lips temporarily with hyaluronic acid fillers. Further improvement may be achieved by injecting Botox or Dysport to weaken the underlying muscles that cause lip wrinkles. A more comprehensive and more long-lasting benefit may be achieved using dermabrasion, chemical peel solutions, ablative lasers or fractionated lasers.
  • Shortening of an elongated upper by removing skin and fat just under the nose, leaving a scar in the crease beneath the nose
  • Use of hyaluronic acid fillers or more long-lasting volume enhancers (Radiesse or Sculptra) with or without depressor muscle weakeners (Botox or Dysport) eliminates down-turning of the corners of the mouth

Past Procedures

Lip Enhancement & Rejunivation Danville