Ear Reshaping

Cosmetic surgical procedures


  • Reduction of protruding or excessively large ears
  • Formation of an esthetic ear shape
  • Rejuvenation of stretched, excessively fleshy earlobes
  • Repair of torn earlobes or enlarged pierced ear holes


  • A wedge of skin and cartilage may be removed from behind the ear to reduce protrusion and excessive size
  • Cartilage may be weakened, rolled and held in place with sutures to create outer and inner ear folds
  • Slits or torn earlobes are repaired by removing a narrow wedge of the earlobe and suturing the skin edges together
  • Excess fleshiness is corrected by removing the excess in a crescent or triangular shape and suturing the skin edges together

Surgical Procedures for Ear Reshaping in Danville

Ear Reshaping Danville