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Rhinoplasty in Danville

Nose Reshaping

Cosmetic surgical procedures

What are the benefits of a nose job?

  • Improved nasal shape
  • Better proportion between the nose and other facial features
  • Improved breathing


  • The “closed” technique is used mostly for patients having changes in the upper two-thirds of their nose. All scars are inside the nose.
  • The open technique is very useful to precisely change the shape of the nasal tip in addition to the upper nose. It includes an external (outside) scar across the strut between the nostrils
  • The goal is to provide symmetry and proportion to the upper, middle, and lower parts of the nose. This is done by either reducing, increasing, narrowing, or widening appropriate parts.
  • Grafts of bone, cartilage, Teflon, or injectable materials may be used to increase parts of the nose.
  • Breathing is enhanced by moving a displaced nose to the center, or by improving the position and shape of the septum.


  • It is usually not prudent to remove excess skin (except in the nostrils or in the elderly), so it is necessary not to remove so much cartilage or bone support that excess skin occurs.
  • Patients with thick skin will not have a delicately sculpted nose.
  • Medications may be necessary to improve breathing for patients with allergies.

Past Procedures

Rhinoplasty for Danville Patients to Improve Breathing   Rhinoplasty for Danville Patients to Improve Breathing