Male Breast Reduction

Plastic Surgery is for males too at our office in Danville, CA

Cosmetic surgical procedures


  • Removes excess skin, fat, or glandular tissue to correct projecting or drooping breasts
  • Enhances the volume of the pectoral major muscles to give a stronger, more masculine look


  • Excess breast volume caused by fat only may be corrected with very small scars using liposuction. This may also tighten the skin a little.
  • Excess breast glandular tissue is usually removed with a scar around the lower nipple.
  • Moderate or large excesses of skin are corrected by removing the excess skin. This often leaves long scars. Sometimes, excess folds in the armpits or mid-back (usually, in advanced age or after large weight losses) are removed by extending the scars to the back.
  • Flat pectoralis muscles are enhanced with exercise (heavy weight lifting) and sometimes with insertion of semi-firm (the consistency of “gummy bears”) implants placed below the muscles.


  • If visible scars are to be avoided, it is sometimes best to leave some fat to prevent excessive sagging of the skin
  • Pectoral implants provide only a moderate amount of muscle enhancement. Regular weight-lifting with heavy weights is necessary for optimal muscle bulk.
  • It is sometimes possible to feel or to see pec implants that are too large
  • Weight gain may cause some increase in breast volume

Male Breast Reduction Surgery for Improved Masculine Look

For more details and to find out if you are a candidate for male breast reduction, please contact our office at 925-820-3633 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lavey.

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