Back Lifts

With age or after extreme weight loss, patients from Danville and surrounding communities may notice loose skin on different areas of your body. Loose skin on your stomach may be more obvious, excess skin on your back is not uncommon.

Your clothes may not fit well and you may be self-conscious about exposing your back if you have sagging or bulging back skin. Even the best fitness or weight loss regime may be unable to combat this problem.

This is why many people in the Danville area are seeking cosmetic back lift surgery from Dr. Elliott Lavey. Cosmetic back lift surgery reduces the amount of excess flesh in the back to combat those rolls or bulges through the middle and upper back areas and underarm as well.

For women, the problem tends to be focused around the bra area and can even make it uncomfortable to wear a bra. If you are hesitant to wear a swimsuit or a low back or backless dress due to excessive and loose back skin, cosmetic back lift surgery may be right for you.

Danville Cosmetic Back Lift Surgery Options

If you have loose back skin, prominent “love handles” or persistent back fat, cosmetic back lift surgery can help. The process for a cosmetic back lift is relatively simple and is performed as an outpatient procedure, typically lasting less than two hours.

Dr. Lavey starts by making a small incision around the mid back area. After removing the excess fat and loose skin, remaining skin tissue is then positioned and stretched into its new place and secured with a small line of sutures.

The scar line is small and easily hidden by bras for women.

Benefits of cosmetic back lift surgery include:

  • Improved back appearance
  • Increased comfort and clothing fit
  • Improved self esteem
  • Minimal scarring
  • Fast recovery process

Results from cosmetic back lift surgery are typically visible to the patient almost immediately after the procedure. The swelling or bruising that is evident initially can be minimized by wearing a compression wrap or garment in the first week or two after surgery.

Danville clients will find that choosing cosmetic back lift surgery can enhance the overall contour and shape of your back. You will be able to feel more comfortable in a greater variety of situations than before and be free to wear the clothing you want without worry of showing your back. Scarring is minimal and fades with time.

Say good-bye to bulges and rolls and hello to a new you! Schedule your cosmetic back lift surgery consultation with Dr. Elliott B. Lavey today by calling 925-820-3633.