Back Up That Back with a Back Lift

Back LiftAs we age or lose large amounts of weight our skin sometimes doesn’t get the memo to tighten up the ship! It becomes saggy, loose, and downright uncooperative. In many cases, even being under the sadistic care of a personal trainer whipping you into shape daily can’t address this loose skin.

The result? A person with loose, saggy skin on his or her back will often avoid putting on a bathing suit or certain styles that show the back.

But Dr. Lavey can fit this loose, sagging story with a back lift. Sure, you’ve heard of facelifts and brow lifts, but probably not a back lift. Now you have.

What are the benefits of a cosmetic back lift?

There are many benefits to getting back the back you used to have.

  • Improved back appearance
  • Increased comfort
  • Easier to fit into various clothing styles
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Minimal scarring
  • Fast recovery

The procedure

Dr. Lavey performs a back lift for those with loose skin, prominent love handles, and persistent back fat. The procedure is relatively simply, is done as an outpatient procedure, and usually takes less than two hours.

Dr. Lavey makes the initial incision in the mid-back area. He first removes excess fat and skin. Then the remaining skin is positioned and stretched into its tighter position and secured with a small line of sutures.


Results are immediate. There will be some swelling and bruising, but that can be minimized by wearing a compression wrap or garment for the first week or two after surgery. You’ll find that a back lift will enhance the overall contour and shape of your back. Scarring is minimal and fades relatively quickly.

Let’s get back your back! Call Dr. Lavey, 925-820-3633, and let’s discuss a back lift.

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