Back Up That Back

Back LiftIf you’ve lost lots of weight or are simply getting older, you may notice an interesting predicament when you see your back in the mirror when getting out of the shower. There are rolls or bulges of loose skin through your middle and upper back. What the?

Come on, while everything else sags, the back is supposed to be the rock, right? After all, the skin is stretched across your shoulder blades and is meant to be firm…forever. Yes?

Uh, no.

But a back lift with Dr. Lavey can fix that!

Men and women

While men seem to have loose skin across their middle and upper back, for women the problem is different. For most women, the loose skin tends to be around the bra area. It can even make wearing a bra uncomfortable. And the problem can make a woman very hesitant about wearing a bathing suit or backless dress.

Get back your back

A back lift is a pretty simple procedure for Dr. Lavey. He starts with a small incision around the mid-back-area. After removing excess fat and loose skin, he then repositions the skin and stretches it into place, securing it with small sutures. The procedure takes less than two hours in most cases. For women, the bra line generally hides the scar.


Dr. Lavey recommends that his patients wear a compression garment for the first week or two after surgery to minimize swelling and bruising, and to help the skin adapt to its new tighter contour. Patients can see results immediately, and they will improve as the bruising and swelling pass.

If you want to get rid of those back rolls and bulges, let’s talk about a back lift. Call Dr. Lavey at 935-820-3633 for an appointment.

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