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Plastic Surgery Myths Blown Up

Falsehoods. Wives’ tales. Myths. Fabrications. Over exaggerations. Whatever you call them, they’re out there. Plastic surgery has its own fair share. Even the term “plastic” in plastic surgery is misunderstood. People think plastic is meant to be fake, akin to the material plastic. But in reality, the word plastic in plastic surgery comes from the […]

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Cosmetic Surgery Benefits Men, Too!

Associating cosmetic surgery with women is an outdated social stereotype. At our offices in Danville, men of all ages benefit from various cosmetic procedures — from complex surgeries such as male breast reduction to minimally invasive treatments such as Botox injections. Here are common cosmetic surgery procedures chosen by our male patients: Male breast reduction […]

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Post-Surgery – How to Reduce Recovery Times

With every form of cosmetic surgery performed today, patients are likely to experience swelling and bruising to one extent or another. This is simply the body’s reaction to the trauma of surgery and is perfectly natural and normal. Still, you want the quickest recovery you can have. There is a right way and a wrong […]

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How to Spot a Poor Quality Surgeon

Unless you’re a cosmetic surgeon yourself, it can be tricky evaluating the qualifications and criteria of a prospective surgeon. This is precisely why far too many patients fall prey to the nation’s substandard surgeons each year, having mistakenly put their faith in a so-called professional who was anything but. At Elliott Lavey, we’re all about […]

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5 Reasons to Schedule a Plastic Surgery Consultation Today

Aside from doing an extensive online search and asking friends and relatives about their plastic surgery experience, a plastic surgery consultation is also one of the best ways for you to come up with an informed plastic surgery decision. If you’ve been hesitating to schedule a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon for a while […]

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Plastic Surgery is no Longer Hidden

People who underwent plastic surgery a few years ago would often lie about it or refuse to tell individuals that they had used elective surgery to improve their looks. There was a longstanding stigma that using plastic surgery was cheating and those who were interested in having plastic surgery done were vain or in denial […]

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Can Plastic Surgery Make People Happier? Science Says Yes!

According to recent statistics by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons,  Americans spent roughly 12 billion dollars on plastic surgery last year. If you’ve been wondering why such an enormous amount is spent on cosmetic procedures, science and research may have something to say about it. The Link Between Happiness and Cosmetic Surgery A […]

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