Why Doctors have a Love/Hate Relationship with Trends

When you hear about the latest and greatest in plastic surgery trends you might rush right over to your doctor to see what they can do. In all your excitement you might be surprised to hear that your doctor is a bit less enthusiastic about performing this procedure on you. This might come as a shock to some patients, but when you look at the big picture it’s easy to see that doctors might have a love/hate relationship with surgical trends. While they do get people in the door, these trends might have unexpected results for patients that need to be considered before you go under the knife.

Consider the Results

Technically, most people having plastic surgery don’t need the procedures they are having done. However, as the body ages there are different procedures that will be appropriate to make the changes an individual is looking for. Trendy procedures might not necessarily match the natural shape of an individual’s body which means that they might not create the results that this patient wants. Insisting on a specific procedure without asking your doctor how it will change your body can be a dangerous thing and could result in changes that could be more startling than flattering.
It’s also very obvious when you follow a plastic surgery trend. While you might not mind people knowing you had plastic surgery done, you don’t necessarily want everyone you meet to be able to pick up on it immediately. New procedures need to be tested to ensure that the results hold up with time. While there are plenty of techniques that offer improvements over older versions of the same procedure, some trendy procedures are designed to dazzle you without necessarily providing a long-term solution to issues like aging or muscle deterioration that plastic surgery is actually designed to treat. Talking with your doctor and working to understand what a procedure actually does before going under the knife can help avoid a lot of these problems.

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