Plastic Surgery is no Longer Hidden

People who underwent plastic surgery a few years ago would often lie about it or refuse to tell individuals that they had used elective surgery to improve their looks. There was a longstanding stigma that using plastic surgery was cheating and those who were interested in having plastic surgery done were vain or in denial about getting older. This resulted in many who might have had a procedure done avoiding meeting with a doctor because they didn’t want to be mocked by their peers, which only robbed these individuals of the opportunity to be happier with the way their body looks and feels.

Today, a lot of this stigma seems to be fading away. Not only are individuals seeking out plastic surgery more regularly than they once did, but they are also more likely to tell others that they are having procedures done. Even celebrities who used to go to great lengths to hide their surgical procedures after having plastic surgery performed will openly tell fans that their perfect looks are achieved in part by working with a surgeon.

Why the Sudden Change?

Doctors are not completely sure about why people are suddenly so open about the idea of getting plastic surgery. Some believe that part of the reason why people are more likely to brag about their surgery is that the procedures themselves have improved. You no longer have to undergo procedures with huge incisions and months of recovery to reduce the effects of aging. That makes the transition that much easier for people who are trying to change the way they look. Generally speaking, plastic surgery results are much more natural than they used to be, giving people a chance to tell their friends they had work done without it being immediately obvious what was changed. This air of disbelief that an individual could look so good by undergoing plastic surgery is creating a fun atmosphere which encourages people to brag about the work they did.


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