Post-Surgery – How to Reduce Recovery Times

Models - 01With every form of cosmetic surgery performed today, patients are likely to experience swelling and bruising to one extent or another. This is simply the body’s reaction to the trauma of surgery and is perfectly natural and normal. Still, you want the quickest recovery you can have. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about helping your recovery along, though far too many first timers fall somewhat instinctively into the latter category.

As far as post-surgery bruising goes, one of the worst things you can do (unless told otherwise by a pro) is to take painkillers and anti-inflammatories that have a blood thinning effect. The prime suspects here are aspirin and ibuprofen, which may be hugely effective on pain, but also make bruising more severe and prolonged. In a similar vein, it may be tempting to soothe your aches and pains by taking a red-hot bath, indulging in a massage of the affected area, or going for the big cover-up with an inch of makeup. In all cases, you’re only prolonging the recovery process.

So what is the secret to a faster recovery time from bruising? It’s easy really – do EXACTLY what your surgeon tells you prior to the procedure! It may sound like such an obvious tip, but in reality over half of those who have undergone cosmetic surgery try taking their recoveries into their own hands. And of course, they’re then entirely surprised when their own actions don’t yield the results they hoped for.

Give us a call at any time to discuss the recovery process for the treatment you’re interested in – we’ll make sure your recovery times are minimized.

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