Three Handpieces, Three Different IPL Treatments

To some people who are now in their 50s, intense pulsed light could connote the beams hitting the disco balls of the 70s. But in the aesthetic world, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) has little to do with John Travolta or the leisure suit.

In Dr. Lavey’s practice, we use IPL, otherwise known as photo rejuvenation, to correct a variety of skin conditions such rosacea, spider veins, age spots, and unwanted hair.

How does IPL work?
Intense Pulsed Light TherapyIPL is a quick procedure that uses intense light pulses that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. These lasers work by constricting blood vessels and collagen found below the epidermis, reducing skin redness, and improving the appearance of certain signs of aging. The light beams target either the melanin or the hemoglobin. Once the pulses of light break down vessels and pigments into fragments, they become less visible on the skin surface.
Three handpieces for different effects

Dr. Lavey utilizes three different handpieces — red, green, and yellow — to direct different light wavelengths into the skin to treat different conditions.

• The red handpiece reduces unwanted brown or black hairs across the body. An initial series of four or five treatments is recommended because different hairs are in different parts of the growth cycle and are more or less affected by IPL.

• The green handpiece reduces flushing and spider veins on the face, neck, and décolletage. It also removes brown spots across the body. Red areas will initially become more red, before getting better. Age spots will become darker before peeling off.

• The yellow handpiece removes brown spots and reduces brown or black hairs.

There isn’t usually any downtime with our IPL treatments.

Call us at 925-820-3633 and let’s discuss how Dr. Lavey’s IPL treatments can work for you.

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