5 Crucial Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Injector

Although injectables may be considered to be not as dangerous and risky as surgical cosmetic procedures, it should not be the reason why one should not carefully choose their injectors. We noticed here at our Danville cosmetic surgery practice that a lot of people tend to downplay the risks associated with injectables because it does not require general anesthesia and long-term hospital stays.

Below are 5 crucial things that you might want to consider when choosing an injectable provider:

1. The presence of an on-site (and preferably board-certified) physician in the venue. This will ensure that someone will be able to attend to any possible complications that may arise following the injection.

2. The qualifications and experience of the injector (could be a licensed nurse or a trained physician’s assistant).

3. Thoroughness and rapport of the injector. This can be observed during initial consultations. In addition, the injector should be available for concerns and questions during follow-up care.

4. Full disclosure of benefits and possible risks/complications.

5. Reasonable costs. Costs may vary from one region to another as well as may have to do with certain factors that has to do with the needs and preferences of the patient.

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