Flappy Arms are No Way to Go Through Life

arm liftJust because going to a Giants game in July can be akin to being an actor in a Sherlock Holmes movie shot in London, that’s no reason to neglect your loose, giggly upper arms. Yeah, you can cover them up with long sleeves and such. Or, you can have Dr. Lavey tighten up those flappy upper arms, and you can show them off…maybe just not at a Giants game.

An arm lift with Dr. Lavey tightens the upper arms, from the armpit to the elbow, particularly focusing on the underside of the arm.

Why do my arms get loose?

Aging and your upper arms are not on good terms. As our skin loses, some of its certain tautness areas are simply more prone to being loose. Yes, upper arms, we’re talking to you! This is particularly true when a person has gained and then lost weight. The upper arms were more full, so the skin had been stretched to a degree. When the person loses the weight, the skin often won’t return to its former tautness, so the person is left with loose, giggly skin under the arms that moves when the arms are moved. Decreasing muscle tone with age is also to blame.

How do we do an arm lift?

The goal is to return a certain degree of firmness to the entire upper arm. To achieve this, Dr. Lavey removes excess skin and fat from the upper arms, tightening the area. Incisions can be made on the inside or at the back of the arm. Where these are made depends on the individual patient needs. For the most available tightening, the incision can stretch from the underarm to just above the elbow. In less involved cases, the incisions will be smaller and internal sutures will be used more extensively. To remove excess fat in the area, Dr. Lavey may use some minor liposuction. Finally, he trims excess skin and repositions it over the new contour of the patient’s arms.


After your surgery, Dr. Lavey will have you wear compression garments for at least two weeks after surgery. These help the arm skin adapt to its new contours, and they minimize swelling. Recovery is not difficult, but patients must avoid lifting much weight or performing a high-intensity exercise for a few weeks, depending on the extent of your surgery.

If you’re tired of those giggling arms, let’s talk about an arm lift. Call us at 925-820-3633.

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