Make Way For the Rise of Buttock Enhancement Surgery

The butt is officially in! We have noticed an increasing number of queries concerning buttock enhancement surgery here at our Danville plastic surgery practice in recent months. It turns out that this trend is not only exclusive at our New York and New Jersey offices!

According to the recent statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, buttock augmentation surgery is one of the two (the other one is vaginal rejuvenation surgery) unpopular surgical cosmetic procedures that actually skyrocketed in the number of procedures performed last year. Specifically, a whopping 58 percent increase in buttock augmentation was recorded in 2013 than that of 2012.

Bigger and Firmer Derriere is Now Mainstream

Although firmer and larger butts are nothing new when it comes to celebrities (Kim Kardashian and J.Lo, anyone?), the masses are now actually more open to the idea of having buttock enhancement surgery to improve the appearance of their behinds. By and large, buttock enhancement can be achieved via plastic surgery through the following:

  • Brazilian butt lift – This procedure involves the transfer of fat from a body part to the buttocks for more volume. Ideal candidates include those who have significant excess of fat pockets in other areas of the body such as the abdomen and thighs that will be sufficient enough to improve the appearance of one’s buttocks.
  • Buttock implants – This type of buttock enhancement is ideal for those who do not have enough excess fat for a Brazilian butt lift. A silicone implant is often inserted through an incision in the fold between the buttock cheeks.
  • Butt Lift – This option is perfect for those who want to reduce the appearance of sagging in the buttocks but is perfectly fine with its size. Every so often, this procedure is ideal for those who have experienced massive weight loss and have a significant amount of loose, excess skin in the buttocks.

Your Personalized Buttock Enhancement Surgery Plan by Dr. Lavey

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