Mommy Wants a Makeover

mommy makeoverHaving children is rough business. And that’s only counting the effect on your wallet and sanity. The effects on the mother’s body are as dramatic as a new production of Macbeth at the Lincoln Center.

The gain and loss of weight from pregnancy and breastfeeding simply aren’t kind to mothers. Here some of the issues that face a woman afterwards:

  • Droopy or deflated breasts
  • Reduced volume in the breasts
  • Excess fatty tissue in the abdomen
  • Stretch marks
  • Weakened and separated abdominal muscles

But nothing says a woman has to put up with this stuff. Putting up with a small child is enough! A mommy makeover with Dr. Lavey can give you back the body you used to have, and maybe even then some.

What procedures are involved in a mommy makeover?

Every mommy makover with Dr. Lavey is unique to the person, so the procedures you will have aren’t a sure thing, but these are the procedures usually involved.

  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to sagging breasts. A breast lift brings the breasts back up to younger profile, removing excess sagging skin.

  • Breast Augmentation

Though not all women opt to have augmentation as part of their makeover, most do because breastfeeding and a breast lift usually take volume from the breasts. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast contour is simply less full.

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

When the stomach area stretches with pregnancy, in more cases than not the skin never recovers to its previous state of tightness. Known colloquially as a stomach pooch, it’s a common aftereffect of pregnancy and a tummy tuck removes it.

  • Liposuction

No matter how much you exercise and watch what you eat, people are prone to pockets of fat in certain spots like the inner thighs, abdomen, even under the chin. Liposuction removes those pockets permanently.

Want your pre-baby body back? Call Dr. Lavey at 925-820-3633 and let’s talk about a mommy makeover.

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