What Really Works for Sun-Damaged Skin

There are numerous factors that contribute to accelerated skin aging. But sun exposure is the main contributor to the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, and dull skin texture. If you’ve had your fun in the sun and the ultraviolet rays have wreaked their havoc, the following treatments available at our practice can reduce the extent of damage.

Injectables are becoming increasingly popular not just at our Danville clinic but also across the country. Sculptra is an injectable known for its effectiveness in improving sun-damaged skin. The injectable is made of a biodegradable diluted mixture of poly-l-lactic acid that helps increase collagen production and fills in volume loss brought about by advancing age and sun exposure. The volume-boosting effects of Sculptra last for a year or two before another session is needed to continue your results.

Laser skin resurfacing treatments
SculptraIn this type of treatment, the laser is strategically directed into the skin with the goal of stimulating collagen production because the body responds to the perceived injury. Laser skin resurfacing can either be ablative or non-ablative. The former targets both the outer (epidermis) and middle (dermis) layers of the skin, while the latter only affects the dermis leaving the epidermis intact.

Both types have pros and cons — ablative lasers offer dramatic outcomes with long recovery periods, while non-ablative treatments have minimal downtime yet repeated sessions are usually required to achieve desired outcomes.

It’s not too late yet to improve the appearance of your sun-damaged skin! Call 925.820.3633 to learn more about the aforementioned solutions. We look forward to your visit!

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