Techniques for a Neck Lift

Neck LiftOne of the first areas to show aging is the neck. While this seems counterintuitive, the neck shows deep creases and muscle bands before the rest of the face starts to really show its age. To address these issues, Dr. Lavey performs a neck lift.

What can a neck lift do?

A neck lift can turn the clock back to a remarkable degree. This is particularly evident under the chin, where sagging skin can make the person’s profile round and without definition. A neck lift:

  • Reduces excess skin, fat, and muscle bands
  • Improves chin projection and shape
  • Enhances the angle between the horizontal and vertical parts of the neck

Dr. Lavey’s neck lift techniques

  • The most popular technique involves incisions that begin behind the ears and move back into the scalp. Excess skin is removed and then the skin is repositioned back to its younger upward and backward position.
  • A simpler technique for more elderly patients or for those who have premature coarseness of their neck skin removes the excess skin and fat but does not reposition the skin. The procedure leaves a vertical scar down the center of the neck.
  • If a patient has good skin tone but has excess fat, usually resulting in a double chin, Dr. Lavey may opt to perform liposuction only. This makes for almost indiscernible scarring.
  • Neck bands can be corrected by either removing the bands or repositioning them to their former position.
  • Chin augmentation may be combined with a neck lift to further define the chin. This can be done with an implant or with volumizer injections such as Radiesse.

Interested in bringing back a younger-looking neck? Call Dr. Lavey at 925-820-3633 and schedule a consultation for a neck lift.

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