Angelina Jolie Shouldn’t Be the Only One with Great Lips

Lip EnhancementWhen you see various celebrities, many of them have full, sensual lips, and you may look at your lips in comparison and feel they are lacking. Maybe they’re thin. Maybe they’re uneven. Maybe they have lots of tiny wrinkles around them.

Whatever the issue, you can have lips like a celebrity thanks to a variety of lip enhancement and rejuvenation options from Dr. Lavey.

The benefits of lip augmentation

Other than the overall look that full lips can provide, there are other specific benefits.

  • Fuller, smoother, more sensual lips
  • Enhancement of the ridges between the lips and the skin around the lips
  • Enhancement of the ridges between the nose and the upper lip
  • Smoothing of the upper and lower lip skin wrinkles
  • Shortening of aged, elongated upper lip skin
  • Correction of corners that turn down

Techniques used by Dr. Lavey

There are various options for enhancing the lips. Most involve fillers, but minor surgery can also be an option. Here are the techniques we use:

  • Increase volume with injections of hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, or Perlane), fat injections, or dermal grafts
  • Enhancement of the ridges between the lips, the skin around the lips, and the ridges between the nose and upper lip with hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Reduction of the vertical wrinkles around the lips temporarily with hyaluronic acid fillers, or using Botox to weaken the underlying muscles forming the wrinkles. Also, dermabrasion, chemical peels, or lasers can address these wrinkles.
  • Shortening of an elongated upper lip by removing skin and fat just under the nose, leaving a scar in the crease between the nose
  • Use of hyaluronic acid fillers or more long-lasting volume enhancers (Radiesse or Sculptra) with or without muscle relaxers (Botox or Dysport) to eliminate down-turning corners of the mouth

Want lips like Angelina? Call Dr. Lavey at 925-820-3633 and let’s discuss your options for lip enhancement.

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