Tote that Barge. Lift that Forehead!

Forehead LiftEverything sags/drops/droops/falls/descends/is on the floor as we age. That stinks! Gravity, while nice for keeping us from being pulled up into the vacuum of space, has its serious downside when you subject the skin and underlying support tissues to its pull day in and day out.

When your forehead descends, people can take one look at you and think you’re perpetually mad or sad. But a forehead lift from Dr. Lavey can teach that darn force of gravity a lesson, at least for a few years.

What is a forehead lift?

A forehead lift pulls up the skin on the forehead and tightens the underlying muscles to reduce the horizontal wrinkles, crow’s feet, and the 11s between the eyebrows. It elevates the shape and position of the eyebrows and generally presents a younger appearance.

Techniques used by Dr. Lavey

For a forehead lift, Dr. Lavey uses three different techniques.

Traditional — This technique uses an incision that starts in the sideburn area and runs up along the hairline across the top of the forehead down to the other sideburn. Due to the incision size, this method provides the most access, but it also creates a large scar and recovery is more involved.

Endoscopic — Using an endoscope, Dr. Lavey only needs to make five small incisions in the hairline with this method. The endoscope allows him to see the muscle and tissue he is working with, without needing to pull back all of the skin, as in a traditional lift.

Slide — This method was developed by Dr. Lavey. It combines the traditional and endoscopic methods for the best of both approaches.

Tired of being asked what you’re so mad about? Could be time for a forehead lift. Call Dr. Lavey at 925-820-3633 to set up a consultation.

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