RU Tired, or RU Mad?

Forehead LiftEveryone’s forehead descends. Not like it’s going anywhere, but it still seems to feel the need to head south. Sometimes this sagging of your skin on your forehead can weight your brows, and people can look at you and think you’re either mad or sad. Neither is good.

A forehead lift with Dr. Lavey will stop the slide.

What’s the difference between a brow lift and a forehead lift?

Sometimes this is a matter of semantics, but if a person is being true to the meaning, these are two different procedures. A brow lift is much more limited than a forehead lift, addressing only the brow area. In a brow lift, skin is removed from above the brows and they are pulled up. Dr. Lavey is not a fan of this procedure, as it can give a person a smug/haughty sort of look about their eyes.

Instead, Dr. Lavey prefers a forehead lift, where the entire forehead is addressed. A forehead lift pulls and adjusts the entire forehead upward.

Since a forehead lift targets the upper third of the face, the procedure can be combined with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and facelifts (which target the middle and lower face) to rejuvenate the entire face.

Who is right for a forehead lift?

Everyone has sagging on their forehead, at least anyone over 40 or 45. If you want to know if a forehead lift could be good for you, there’s a simple test you can do. Stand in front of the mirror and place the palms of your hands to the sides of your eyes above the eyebrows. Now pull the skin back from the eyes. That tightened skin and raising of the forehead is basically what a forehead lift with Dr. Lavey will accomplish.

Three techniques

Dr. Lavey uses three different procedures for his forehead lifts. He will discuss the options with you and together you will decide which is right for you.

Traditional forehead lift — This method uses a coronal incision that stretches from just above the ear across the top of the forehead and down to the other ear. The incision is made within hairline, but may be placed further back to minimize visibility in patients with thinning hair. Next, the forehead skin is lifted, tissue removed, muscles adjusted, and the eyebrows may be lifted. Dr. Lavey feels the traditional method is good for addressing people with a permascowl due to sagging brows.

Endoscopic forehead lift — In this method, Mr. Lavey makes from five short incisions, each less than one inch, behind the hairline. He then inserts an endoscope into one of the incisions. The endoscope enables him to see beneath the skin without making the long incision of the traditional method. Through the other incisions he then lifts the skin, removes tissue, and adjust muscles as needed. This method allows very accurate lifting of the forehead.

Slide forehead lift — This method was designed by Dr. Lavey and it combines the benefits of both the traditional and endoscopic methods.

If you’re tired of looking tired, call us at 925-820-3633 and let’s talk about a forehead lift.

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