Men Want Botox Too But Have a Different Outcome in Mind than Women

According to a December 2014 New York Post story, an increasing number of women are turning to Botox to get over heartbreaks and failed relationships, termed in the story as Breakup Botox. More recently, ABC News ran a story about a surge in the number of men who are showing more interest in getting Botox. However, men have a different set of desired outcomes than their female counterparts.

botoxThe Wall Street wrinkle
Cosmetic surgeons all over the country have dubbed it the Wall Street Wrinkle. It’s called as such because the majority of males seeking Botox work in finance or sales. While women want to be absolutely wrinkle-free after having Botox, men do not want to completely get rid of their wrinkles (most men equate facial creases as a badge of honor) but simply want to reduce them without losing their masculinity. By and large, they don’t want to avoid looking overdone.

Optimizing Botox outcomes
Whether you’re a man who wants to subdue those forehead creases or a woman thinking about getting rid of those unsightly crow’s feet, the following steps will help you get the most out of your Botox treatments:

  • Figure out if Botox is the injectable you’re looking for. Although Botox is a wonder in itself when it comes to facial rejuvenation, there are concerns that Botox can’t help you with. If your main issue has to do with facial volume loss, fillers are a better choice than Botox.
  • Look for a trusted, highly experienced, reliable Botox injector. Sure, there are thousands or perhaps millions of Botox providers out there. However, only a handful of them are true Botox experts who have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, appropriate injection sites, and the exact amount of Botox needed for a specific cosmetic concern. In addition, the Botox provider of your choice should have genuine concern for your safety and should not push you toward Botox unless you are truly ready.
  • Botox results are temporary. Be prepared to have repeated treatments to achieve long-lasting desired outcomes.

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