What Really Works Against Forehead Lines

The appearance of unsightly forehead lines is a common issue that men and women want to address. Some people get vertical lines between the brows (also known as the dreaded elevens) while others find themselves stuck with horizontal lines across the forehead.

“I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of them but I’m not seeing the results I want” is what we often hear from our patients. If you have similar concerns, here are two ways to get that youthful-looking brow!

The surgical route

A brow lift will work wonders if you wish to go the surgical route. This procedure removes excess skin and repositions the underlying muscles toforehead lines treatment eliminate the appearance of furrows, wrinkles, and the distinct hooding in aging brows.

A surgical brow lift by Dr. Lavey can be done through three techniques: traditional, endoscopic, and slide (a method designed by Dr. Lavey that combines the benefits of both traditional and endoscopic lifts).

The Botox route

Botox injections are ideal for those who prefer to go the non-surgical route in improving the overall look of their brows. This solution will also be benefit those who have mild to moderate creases and hooding. Botox works by blocking contractions in the underlying muscles used when you frown and squint.

Finding an expert brow lift surgeon is a crucial element in achieving desired outcomes in both surgical and non-surgical brow lift methods. Schedule a personal consultation with us today! Call 925.820.3633 to set up an appointment.

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