New Thigh Tightening Procedure

I want to share a really interesting operation I did a few weeks ago for a patient who lost 120 pounds, and has kept the weight off for a few years. One of my major interests is in helping individuals gain a new body after their large weight losses. It is great to lose the weight through bariatric surgery, dieting and exercise. However, most people who have lost this amount of weight have to live with folds of excess skin throughout their body. This excess skin creates a new set of challenges in that the folds get in the way of function and esthetics. They camouflage the great improvement made through the weight loss.

Tightening the thighs is probably the hardest set of procedures anywhere on the body. Traditionally, this has involved at least a long scar along the groin crease. The hope is to eliminate folds of the upper portion of the inner thighs. Unfortunately, it does not do much for the rest of the thighs. Often, these scars widen and cause distortion of nearby genitalia. Some of the folds may recur as a result of the scars stretching. This is also a very difficult area to get to heal because of stretching and nearby germs. In order to tighten the entire inner thighs, plastic surgeons combine the groin scar with a scar from the groin to the inner knee. This operation does not help the outer thighs, and the frequent complications of the groin scar remain.

What my operation involved was replacing the groin scars with outer thigh scars. Although there are a lot of scars, the entire thighs and lower buttocks are improved. Also, healing was much easier and less painful than with the groin scar. My patient was ecstatic, and I was thrilled with her shapely thighs and the easier recovery!

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