Exciting Operation for Mommy Make-over and Large Weight Loss Patients

One month ago, I did a very creative operation that tightened a woman’s upper tummy and her breasts with scars placed only beneath her breasts. As everyone knows, pregnancies and the loss of a lot of weight cause a woman’s breasts to lengthen and sag. These same influences can cause excess skin and fat of the upper abdomen.

I operated on a 35-year-old who had a large breast augmentation by another surgeon fifteen years ago. She had also lost 115 pounds from a gastric sleeve (bariatric surgery) operation performed two years ago. She was left with saggy, excessively large breasts and excess skin of her upper tummy.

After a lot of discussions with her and a lot of thinking by both of us, we decided to replace the previous implants with smaller ones, and to take an ellipse of skin from her lower breasts and upper abdomen. This tightened her breasts, made them a better size, and smoothed her tummy. The scars were completely hidden under breasts. The healing process was and without much pain. The scars are narrow and hard to see even when she lies down! We are both delighted that that we took the time to think of creative options.

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