How to Spot a Poor Quality Surgeon

How to spot a poor quality surgeonUnless you’re a cosmetic surgeon yourself, it can be tricky evaluating the qualifications and criteria of a prospective surgeon. This is precisely why far too many patients fall prey to the nation’s substandard surgeons each year, having mistakenly put their faith in a so-called professional who was anything but.

At Elliott Lavey, we’re all about encouraging and facilitating wise and informed decision making from our patients and prospective patients – we never shy away from the subject of those giving the industry a bad name. This is why we’re always happy to offer our opinions on staying safe, including the secrets to spotting a poor quality plastic surgeon.

For example, if at any time during the process you suspect you’re being rushed, then it’s time to walk away. There’s nothing more irresponsible than putting pressure on a potential patients to make a decision – even if this means giving them years to make up their mind.

In a similar vein, any practitioner that shies away from the subject of risks and dangers cannot be trusted. There’s no such thing as a 100% safe or risk-free cosmetic procedure. If you are told a procedure is foolproof or without risk, you are being lied to, which is the behavior of a surgeon you cannot trust.

Another key tip to remember – be wary of bargains. Not only is there always an available industry average for all common procedures, but a surgeon should never be forced to push his or her services on price alone… it’s quality and safety that count. If you’re being sold a bargain procedure, chances are the surgeon is desperate.

And finally, never overlook the importance of real-life client feedback in terms of both quality and quantity. If you aren’t shown, or can’t find any feedback, or when a surgeon is less-than-cooperative in providing testimonials, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this may be.

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