Ear Augmentation – Surprisingly Simple, Always Effective

The human ear is remarkable, not just in its function in hearing, but also in the outer ear itself. Just like the fingerprints, no two people have identical ears. While this makes each of us wonderfully human, a “unique” ear shape can make some people self-conscious and affect their self-ear augmentationimage. Plus, as we age, the size and shape or our ears continue to change, resulting in dissatisfaction with their appearance later in life.

These days, ear augmentation is such a simple, affordable, and generally accessible procedure living with aural dissatisfaction isn’t necessary. Contrary to popular belief, ear augmentation doesn’t begin and end with “pinning back” the ears. In fact, technically there isn’t a thing we can’t change about the ears.

If it’s your ear shape that has you concerned, we can use the existing skin and tissue of the ear to deliver a whole new and defined look. For ears that are overly large, a reduction procedure is as simple as removing the excess tissue and carrying out a minor reshaping. And if a lifetime of wearing heavy earrings has left you with large holes or torn lobes, you won’t believe how quick and easy it is to have them looking and feeling as good as new!

Unhappy with your ears? Ours are wide open right now – we’d love to hear from you!

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