Back It Up with a Back Lift

back liftAs we get older or after a person has lost a good deal of weight it’s not uncommon to look at our backs and not like what we see. Sagging skin or bulges of uneven skin can make a person not want to wear certain types of clothing or a bathing suit. For women, the problems tend to concentrate around the bra area, making it uncomfortable to even wear a bra at times. Plus, this loose skin is very difficult to target with exercise routines.

A back lift with Dr. Lavey can help. Cosmetic back lift surgery reduces the amount of excess flesh on the back, reducing rolls and bulges through the middle and upper back, as well as on the underarm areas.

Back lift options

Back lift surgery can address loose skin, prominent love handles, and areas of back fat. The surgery is not complicated, usually lasting less than two hours and performed by Dr. Lavey on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Lavey starts the procedure by making a small incision in the mid-back area. He removes excess fat and trims loose skin. Once satisfied, he then takes the remaining skin and repositions and stretches it to form a tighter contour.

In back lift procedures, Dr. Lavey is usually able to hide the minimal scar where the bra will sit.

What will a back lift do?

These are the cosmetic benefits of back lift surgery with Dr. Lavey:

  • Improved back contour and appearance
  • Increased comfort and clothing options
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Minimal scarring
  • Easy recovery

After your surgery, you’ll wear a compression wrap or garment for the first week, possibly two. This will minimize any swelling and bruising. Scarring is minimal and will fade with time.

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