Body Contouring, Combination of Procedures

When a person has lost a large amount of weight, either through a serious diet and exercise regimen or through bariatric surgery, they can be left with sagging, loose skin all over their body. Having done the hard work of losing the weight, now they are depressed by how their skin didn’t return to its former degree of tautness.

The problem is that if the skin and underlying muscle are stretched too far for too long, they simply can’t return back down to their former degree of contour. It’s easy to think of this in terms of a rubber band that has been stretched over a large object for a period of time. Once removed, it is now loose compared to how it started.

body contouringNo amount of exercise can return your skin to its more taut former condition, but body contouring surgery with Dr. Elliott can. Body contouring involves a series of surgical procedures that remove loose skin folds and fat on areas all over the body. Each contouring procedure is different, tailored specifically to each patient.

Benefits of body contouring

Beyond the overall feeling of dissatisfaction a person feels when seeing their loose, sagging skin after weight loss, there are individual benefits, as well.

Body contouring:

  • Removes folds of skin and fat
  • Improves body proportions
  • Improves mobility, hygiene, ease in finding clothing, comfort
  • Reduces facial jowls and cheek hollowness, neck wattle
  • May improve sexual relations
  • For women, improves the shape, position, and size of the breasts
  • For men, enhances pectoral definition and reverses breast droopiness
  • Eliminates abdominal folds, improves the shape of the belly, and tightens the stomach muscles
  • Improves the shape, size, and position of the buttocks
  • Eliminates folds of the inner arms, mid-back, lower back, armpits, inner and posterior thighs, and upper and inner knees

Limits of body contouring

While the results of body contouring with Dr. Lavey are quite dramatic, there are limitations.


  • Body contouring is not able to remove excess fat inside the abdomen.
  • Muscles and overlying skin are thinned when a person holds excess weight, and some laxity may remain after contouring.
  • We don’t advocate performing too many procedures at one time due to the increased risk involved.
  • Bariatric surgery and intensive diet and exercise programs, of course, don’t guarantee the weight will stay off. To be sure the patient has adopted a change in lifestyle, it’s best to wait one year before undergoing contouring.


Body contouring is an extensive, life-changing combination of procedures. It involves extensive consultation and give and take between the patient and Dr. Lavey to arrive at a plan going forward.


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