Let Marvel Deal with Spider Stuff, Not Your Legs

It seems you can’t turn around these days without coming across the latest superhero movie. In that vein, surely the next Spiderman rendition is coming to a theater near you.

If only those tiny red and blue squiggly lines on your legs and face would go with the webslinger. Spider veins. Ugh. As you get older, these little devils multiply in conjunction with your advancing age and based on your genes. Yes, while it may feel good to rail at Spiderman, you really should direct your ire at your mom because if she had spider veins the odds are that you do, too!

SclerotherapyBut what can you do about them? Stop wearing shorts and never go swimming every again? No, all you need do is book an appointment with Dr. Lavey for a little sclerotherapy and those spider veins can go the way of Fantastic Four 2.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is really not a big deal. The word sounds impressive, but it’s pretty simple. It’s way easier than battling the Green Goblin! Sclerotherapy with Dr. Lavey is an outpatient procedure that is quick and mostly painless.

A sclerosion solution is injected into each vein selected for treatment. This solution is highly saline and irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to swell and the blood in it to clot. Once that happens, the vein turns into scar tissue and fades away with time. Usually it takes one injection for every inch of visible vein.

Spider veins on the legs usually require more than one injection session to go away. Repeat treatments are scheduled every two to four weeks.


Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that doesn’t really require a recovery period. We ask patients to wear compression stockings or hose for up to a week following their treatment, and walking is encouraged. You should also avoid prolonged sitting, standing, or pounding types of exercise. There will be some bruising, however, as the body reacts to the treatment, so with swimsuit season coming up, you may want to wait until the fall. But for spider veins on your face, makeup will cover any slight bruising.

So, leave the spider veins to the big screen and Marvel comic books. Call Dr. Lavey at 925-820-3633 and let’s talk about getting rid of them.

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