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What to Do If You Have High Blood Pressure Levels Before Plastic Surgery

One of the things that we constantly remind our clients here at our Danville cosmetic surgery practice before undergoing any procedure is that they should be generally in excellent physical shape. This also means that they should be free from any existing health condition that can potentially increase their risk of complications following surgery or […]

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What You Can Do to Minimize Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery

Whenever an incision is made on the skin’s surface, just like in surgeries, scarring is inevitable. The same goes for cosmetic surgery, may it be breast augmentation or liposuction. Here at our Danville plastic surgery practice, scarring after surgery is one of the main concerns expressed by patients during personal consultations. While there’s no exact […]

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Are You Making an Informed Decision Before Having Plastic Surgery?

Scientific advances in health and medicine has made it possible for an increasing variety of plastic surgery procedures. If you’ve been considering plastic surgery for a while now, you’ve probably done your homework and have read a lot of things online. It’s either you’re now a plastic surgery expert or more confused with the bewildering […]

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