What You Can Do to Minimize Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery

Whenever an incision is made on the skin’s surface, just like in surgeries, scarring is inevitable. The same goes for cosmetic surgery, may it be breast augmentation or liposuction. Here at our Danville plastic surgery practice, scarring after surgery is one of the main concerns expressed by patients during personal consultations.

While there’s no exact formula to  avoid scarring following surgery altogether, below is a collective of things and activities that you can do minimize scarring:

  • Choose a plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in the specific procedure you want. The more experienced the surgeon, the greater the chances of less scarring as he or she already knows the ins and outs of the procedure, such as which incision type will result to the least amount of scarring.
  • Quit smoking 4-6 weeks before your surgery. Smoking can significantly delay healing due to its constricting effects on the blood vessels thereby reducing oxygen supply to the operated area. In addition, your cigarette habit can also increase your chances of developing complications post-surgery such as wound infection, doubling your scarring risk.
  • Exposure to sunlight is directly proportional to increasing your scarring risk. Thus, it may be best to avoid sun exposure at all costs during recovery and invest in a good sunscreen every time you really need to go outside.
  • Consider your nutritional intake. You are less likely to heal well if your diet is mainly composed of highly processed foods. Always choose real food and eat more of vegetables, grass-fed meats, and complex starches. Sufficient hydration is also important.
  • Practice proper wound care and make sure to adhere strictly to your surgeon’s instructions on what to do with your incisions. Refrain from using topical medications that were not prescribed.
  • Get enough sleep and rest. Your body recovers faster when you give it enough time to rest and heal. After all, your body has its own way of healing itself as long as you give it enough opportunity to do so.

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