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Eyelid Surgery Danville, CAThe eyes are the focal point of the face. Most people see a person’s eyes first when meeting them. But our eyes can show our age, and even lie about it! That’s because our eyes are always exposed to the elements. And that’s not a good thing because the eyes feature some of the thinnest skin on our entire body.

But how are you going to exhibit your emotions, which our eyes usually detail the most, if your eyes are puffy and have saggy skin? You won’t unless you have Dr. Lavey perform eyelid surgery to take over a decade off your face!

Who should have eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery, clinically known as blepharoplasty, is popular with both women and men because we all can see the aging in our eyes with the passage of time. Most people once they’ve reached 45 could benefit from blepharoplasty. This is especially true if you’ve spent a good deal of time outdoors.

What does Dr. Lavey do with eyelid surgery?

Upper and lower eyelid surgery usually take about one hour with the patient under general anesthesia. Upper eyelid surgery almost always involves the removal of excess skin. The incision here is made in the natural crease and extends into the crow’s feet area. Lower eyelid surgery may or may not involve the removal of skin. If the skin doesn’t need to be removed, the incision is usually made in the inner eyelid. If the excess skin does need to be removed, the incision is made just below the eyelashes and extends into the crow’s feet.

What is healing like?

Despite what you may think, due to the delicate nature of the area in question, eyelid surgery does not involve a difficult recovery. Sutures are removed after five days. There will be some bruising for a week to 10 days, with some generally mild pain for the first week. Most patients can return to work in just a week, maybe two.


Most of Dr. Lavey’s patients feel that eyelid surgery is very satisfying. It takes a decade or more off a person’s face, making their appearance seem younger and more alive. Plus, it has the benefit of being undetectable to most people. They’ll know you look younger, but will have no idea of why.

Want to rejuvenate your tired eyes? Call Dr. Lavey at 925-820-3633 and ask about eyelid surgery.

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