Fat Repositioning in Lower Eyelid Surgery

Facial aging is more pronounced in the lower eyelids than the upper eyelids. Fat deposits may give way to the appearance of eye bags, while the cheeks may descend exposing the bony prominence in the eyes. All of these changes can make you appear extremely fatigued and older than you really are.

Good thing there’s lower eyelid surgery! In this type of facial rejuvenation procedure, excess fat used to be removed by most cosmetic surgeons. However, it turns out that complete removal of fat can exacerbate the hollowed look that prompted patients to seek cosmetic surgery in the first place.

fat transferFat is your friend
The word fat has always been seen in a negative light. Yet it should be noted that fat is a sign of youthfulness and cosmetic surgeons are starting to recognize its role in facial aging. In most cases, fat deposits are repositioned over the orbital rim in lower eyelid surgery to improve overall appearance of the lower eyelids. Tiny amounts of fat may be removed when the cheeks are still in good shape — when they are full, smooth, and free from wrinkles.

The goal of lower eyelid surgery is to smooth out the area spanning the lower lids down to the mid-face. If there is a lack of fat to help restore youthfulness in the lower eyelid region, fat grafts may be recommended.

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