What’s the Best Dermal Filler Out There?

Dermal fillers have come a long way since the first bovine collagen filler (Zyderm) was introduced in 1981. Recent statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that hyaluronic acid fillers are the second most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Patients ask which dermal filler is considered the best, but there isn’t a “best” filler.

Dermal FillersThe various dermal fillers are designed to target various cosmetic concerns. Metaphorically, fillers are like doctors. Each doctor has his or her own specialization — one may be a cardiologist, another a general practitioner, another a dermatologist. With dermal fillers, they restore youthfulness by addressing a specific cosmetic issue. One filler may work well for reducing crow’s feet, while another may be effective for softening mouth lines.

Don’t believe the hype
Every year, new fillers come to the market claiming to be cure-alls. At our practice, we often remind patients that such claims are not usually true. When choosing which filler will work well for your facial rejuvenation needs it all boils down to your injector’s skills, training, and knowledge of recent trends in facial rejuvenation via fillers. Keep in mind that you’re not paying for the dermal filler but rather the injector.

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