Understanding the Endoscopic Brow Lift Technique

Natural BeautyEyelid surgery and rhinoplasty may have taken the center stage last 2013 as they ranked third and fifth respectively in the most frequently performed surgical cosmetic procedures. However, we would like to put the spotlight this time around on the brow lift, the endoscopic approach in particular. It may not be as popular as the eyelid surgery and nose-reshaping surgery but it is equally effective in restoring youthfulness in the upper third of the face.

What exactly is a brow lift for?

Generally, a brow lift is ideal for reducing the appearance of horizontal creases in the forehead, extremely sagging brows, and furrows between brows or on the top of your nose. There are various types of surgical techniques used in a brow lift and the endoscopic approach is one of the most commonly used these days.

What happens in an endoscopic brow lift?

This approach typically involves a pencil-shaped probe with a built-in camera that will transmit images of the target area to a screen in the operating room. This probe will be inserted via 3 to 6 tiny incisions which are cleverly concealed behind the hairline. Apart from being less invasive than traditional techniques, this approach also results to less bruising, swelling, and numbness along the scalp. Lastly, the results of an endoscopic brow lift are noticeable in a short span of time following the procedure in comparison to traditional approaches.

How long is recovery from an endoscopic brow lift?

Recovery from this type of brow lift may take weeks to months and is largely dependent on the type of anesthesia that was used, the degree of “lift” that was done, and patient adherence to post-surgery instructions. Generally, swelling and discomfort will subside in 2 to 3 weeks and will most likely be gone completely by the 6th week post-procedure. Keeping the head elevated is one of the most important instructions post-procedure that requires strict adherence.

The results of a brow lift could last for a long time (such as the outcomes of a face lift which could last a decade or so) as long as you take care of yourself via a healthy lifestyle and non-invasive treatments.

Your Personalized Endoscopic Brow Lift Plan

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