3 Clues That Your Eyelids Need a Lift

The breasts and lower body have been given a lot of attention these days — breast augmentation and the Brazilian butt lift are two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. However, the eyelids are frequently overlooked when it comes to ways to improve one’s appearance through cosmetic surgery. If the eyes are the windows to your soul, the eyelids may be the curtains on those windows.

At our practice, a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is performed not only to brighten the eye area but also to make our patients feel better about themselves. When exactly do your eyelids need surgery? The following clues are excellent indicators:

  1. People keep asking you if you’re tired.

It’s a given that you will appear tired after not getting enough sleep. However, if friends and family have been commenting about your perpetually tired look, even if you have had a good night’s sleep, you might want to consider upper eyelid surgery.eyelids lift surgery

  1. People often mistake you as someone older than you really are.

Aging is a fact of life. However, if puffiness or droopiness in the eyelid area is making you appear older than your years, an eyelid surgery should be in order!

  1. You frequently look like someone who is suffering from eye irritation.

If you’re asked over and over again if you’re suffering from eye irritation, you might want to look in the mirror again and consider eyelid surgery to remove or reposition excess fat around the eye area.

Planning for Your Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Lavey

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