Are You Too Old or Too Young to Have Plastic Surgery?

People wonder if they’re too young or too old to have plastic surgery. Should a 17-year-old undergo breast augmentation? Can a 70-year old plastic surgery for old peoplebenefit from a facelift? There’s no definitive answer to these questions. Generally, there are several factors to carefully consider when talking about the appropriateness of age in plastic surgery.

Emotional Maturity

In plastic surgery, there is certainly truth in the “age is just a number” adage. Emotional maturity does not necessarily correlate with a person’s physical age. There are young adults who possess greater emotional and intellectual maturity than middle-aged individuals. Personal consultations are excellent opportunities for us to assess a patient’s emotional maturity.

 A patient’s understanding of the risk and complications associated with the procedure is one indicator of intellectual and emotional maturity. We also determine their motivation for plastic surgery; emotionally mature individuals seek plastic surgery for important reasons rather than trivial points such as “wanting to get back with their ex” or “making their friends jealous.”

 Physical Health

Physical health is another aspect that needs to be carefully assessed before opting for plastic surgery. We need to be certain that the patient is healthy and fit enough to withstand the physical demands of the surgery, and the recovery. A thorough physical assessment and a series of physical tests may be required before surgery is approved. Age alone, however, in not a decider.

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