The Art of Asking During Personal Consultations in Plastic Surgery

When you’re considering plastic surgery, it pays to make a well-informed decision rather than a hastily made arrangement with your plastic surgeon. Doing so will ensure that desired outcomes and expectations of the surgery will be achieved. A well-thought-out decision involvesplastic surgeon thorough research on your end and personal consultations with several surgeons to figure out which one is the right match for you.

During personal consultations, you need to ask every question you may have. For Dr. Lavey and the rest of the team, no question is considered insignificant. We recommend that you do your research beforehand — read online forums, ask people you know who have had the procedure, look up medical journals, soak up lots of information. If there’s something that you do not fully understand or if there’s a piece of information that you want discussed in-depth, make a list and take it to your consultation.

Although you can ask your own set of questions, we encourage that you include the following to help you come up with an informed decision:

* Ask about the possible risks following surgery and how the surgical team handles them.
* Inquire about the recovery process. What is needed for quick recovery?
* Find out if there are specific techniques that can be used during surgery to help you achieve optimal outcomes.
* Ask about total costs, payments plans, and financing options.
* Check out the plastic surgeon’s credentials and experience in performing the procedure.
* Ask to see before-and-after photographs.
* Ask about your cosmetic goals and expectations. Are they realistic?

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