Is Loss of Sensation Normal After Plastic Surgery?

plastic surgeryNo matter what cosmetic surgery you are considering, a temporary loss of sensation in areas affected by the surgery is normal. The more invasive the procedure, the longer the numbness will likely persist.

What causes the sensation loss?
Whenever an incision is made into the skin, it is more likely that the sensory nerves underneath the skin will be cut or partially damaged. This results in a loss of sensation in and around the incision site. Fortunately, the body will rebuild those nerves and feeling will return with time.

How common is it?
Sensation loss following plastic surgery is quite common. It can happen following liposuction, a brow lift, or a nose-reshaping procedure. It is very typical with more involved incisions, such as those used in a tummy tuck or facelift.

When will the sensation return?
It depends on the invasiveness and location of the procedure; it could take weeks or months before full sensation returns.

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