Preventing Infection Following Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has certainly come a long way since the first recorded breast augmentation surgery in 1895. Surgical techniques have been refined, results are more natural looking, and recovery periods have been significantly reduced. Nevertheless, plastic surgery risks and complications still exist.

At our practice, patient education on potential risks and complications is a priority. Infection is one of the most common risks following cosmetic surgery where an incision is made in the skin.

plastic surgeryYour skin has its own protective defenses. However, a breakage in the incision site will disrupt that natural protection and weaken your immune defenses resulting in an increased risk of infection. Classic signs of infection to look out for following surgery include redness, warmth, pain, foul odor, and purulent discharge at the incision site.

Reducing your risk
Fortunately, infection following plastic surgery is rare, accounting for less than three percent of plastic surgery complications. Plus, reducing your risk is not difficult.

First, it pays to find a highly experienced plastic surgeon who performs the procedure in an accredited facility and strictly follows sanitary standards. Second, you should take steps to build a strong immune response before surgery — get enough sleep, and eat more natural/whole food prior to your surgery date. Keep your recovery nest at home tidy and thoroughly sanitized. Lastly, follow post-surgery instructions to a tee, particularly when it comes to incision care.

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