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Bigger or Higher Breasts?

Like everything else as we age, a woman’s breast sag. Unfortunately, this sagging is accentuated by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and changes in weight. When this happens a woman wonders what happened to her former, higher breasts. The answer is that they are not gone for good, as a breast lift with Dr. Lavey can return the […]

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Combining Your Breast Lift Surgery with Augmentation

Breast lifts have given countless women great results in obtaining a younger looking décolletage. It will leave your breasts firmer, shapelier, and give them a youthful, perky appearance. But a complaint often heard after breast lift surgery is how much breast size was reduced. Getting a great looking chest is something every woman wants; it […]

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4 Most Important Things to Consider Before Getting Breast Implants

If you’ve been thinking of a makeover for the new year, breast augmentation with implants may be one of those cosmetic procedures in your list. Here at our Bay area plastic surgery practice, women seek Dr. Lavey’s expertise in breast augmentation not just for his meticulous surgical skills but also for his deftness in natural […]

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What to Expect While Recovering From Breast Augmentation

Here at our Bay Area breast enhancement surgery practice, we cannot accurately predict the length of recovery time as each woman responds differently to breast augmentation. One may report that she thinks she can already resume to most of her normal routine after a week while another woman may report that pain and discomfort is […]

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