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Liposuction for Men

Cosmetic surgeries were long the domain of women. Men thought it wasn’t manly to have “some work done.” Those days are over. Today, Dr. Lavey has many male patients coming in for procedures ranging from filler injections to liposuction. Liposuction is becoming especially popular as men feel the need to compete with younger counterparts in […]

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Some FAQs About Popular Liposuction

Every year when the statistics come out for plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States liposuction is in the top three. When you consider the increasing girth of the average American this makes sense, although liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Still, just about everyone has pockets of unwanted fat that don’t respond […]

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Liposuction to the Rescue

Due to Americans love of nacho cheese Doritos, we keep getting fatter and fatter. This being the case, there are also growing fat pockets on many people that don’t respond to cutting back on the Doritos or exercise. No wonder liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery most years in this country. It’s been around […]

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How to Banish the Dreaded Bread Back

Muffin tops, love handles, thunder thighs — those are all problems for cosmetic surgery to address. But rolls of back fat, also known as bread back or back rolls, are another common reason that prompts women to consider cosmetic surgery. For most of these women, they have tried all types of exercises — from cardio […]

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Should I Have Liposuction If I Want to Lose Weight?

In 2013, liposuction reigned supreme amongst surgical cosmetic procedures, up 16.3 percent from that of 2012. While one may assume that its popularity may mean that the public is already familiar with the specifics of the procedure, we would like to clarify one of the most common concerns we get from patients concerning liposuction here […]

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3 Strategies to Keep the Weight Off After Liposuction

So you’re now ready to undergo liposuction here at our Danville body contouring surgery practice — you’ve already filled your prescription, have prepared your “recovery nest” at home, and has taken some time off from work or school. Every so often, we remind our clients here at our practice that maintaining the results you get […]

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